August 28, 2017

Kelley Bell Bringing Work From Zagreb to Detroit!

Kelley Bell is a graphic designer, animator and projection artist based in Baltimore City. She is an associate professor and associate chair of the Visual Arts Department at University of Maryland Baltimore City.

Bell’s piece “Carnival Love Wall,” first exhibited as part of Animafest Zagreb, will be presented again at Dlectricity 2017. It is a modular projection work to be shown on the façade of the Prentis Building at Warren and John R that combines simple animated shapes and patterns to create a dynamic, complete surface.

In 2016, Bell was part of the Light City Baltimore festival. She collaborated with artist Corrie Parks on the piece “Projected Aquaculture” to highlight shifts occurring in Chesapeake Bay and Baltimore. This spring, Bell showed her work “Babel” at the David M. Brown Planetarium in Arlington, Virginia. The work used the dome of the planetarium to take viewers on a virtual tour. Challenging the concept of monument, Bell virtually mixed historical domes to create a new visual sensation.

Check out “Babel,” “Projected Aquaculture,” a preview of “Carnival Love Wall” and other works on Bell’s website here.

She received a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Artistic Innovation and Collaboration Grant in 2013, and her projection series “The Clock Strikes 100” was named Best Public Art Project by Baltimore Magazine in 2011.

Thank you so much to the University of Maryland Baltimore City for their generous support of this project, and to Wayne State University for their support!