August 25, 2017

Graffiti with Light from Nikola Dicke at Dlectricity!

Germany-based artist Nikola Dicke is coming to Detroit for Dlectricity!

Her project “Mobile Light Graffiti” uses existing elements of the built and natural world as her canvas in order to analyze the way we examine space. She uses soot-blackened glass on a 7000 lumen overhead-projector to project onto walls, trees, buildings—anything with an interesting surface—and subsequently “draws with light.”

Dicke’s unique method uses performance, painting and sculpture to change the atmosphere of a defined space and create new symbols and ideas. At Dlectricity, she will be drawing with light on the side of the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul.

Dicke has been the subject of much press in Germany. This summer, she is part of an exhibition honoring Durher’s legacy in woodblock prints at the History Museum of Osnabruck, along with 12 other artists.

Check out a video of her work in action here.

Thank you so much to the Cathedral Church of St. Paul for hosting this project!