August 29, 2017

The Red Fox Returns to Midtown!

“Animal Land” is an on-going video projection project from Arizona-based collaborators Lauren Strohacker + Kendra Sollars. They are bringing a unique version of the project to Detroit for Dlectricity 2017!

Strohacker and Sollars tackle issues of wildlife displacement by visually reintroducing animals to their natural habitats, often urban areas now taken over by humans. “Animal Land” raises questions about human perceptions of cohabitation versus conflict and how it impacts native species.

For each iteration of the project, Strohacker and Sollars conduct extensive visual research and digitally render a different species native to the area in which they are presenting. “Animal Land: Detroit” will bring video projections of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) back to Midtown. In projection, the animals are completely decontextualized in an effort to initiate dialogue about the way the native red fox has adapted to city life alongside the human inhabitants of Detroit.

Check out more Animal Land videos here and profiles about the project , here, and an artist talk here! The project was also one of 50 selected from over 1400 entries for the 2015 Arizona Biennial.

“Animal Land: Detroit” will be projected at the Garfield Lofts above Rite Aid. Thanks to WH Canon Landscape Company for their sponsorship of this project!