July 25, 2017

Welcome Laura Heit & “Hypothetical Stars”!

We are so excited to welcome Laura Heit to Dlectricity 2017! Laura is bringing her project “Hypothetical Stars” to the DIA at Woodward and Farnsworth.

Originally commissioned by Richard Herskowitz for the 2015 Houston Cinema Arts Festival, the piece uses actual 16mm footage taken during the Apollo 12 mission, tabletop dioramas and animated projections to craft a hypothetical universe. The Apollo 12 mission was after the moon landing and the first mission to bring a color TV camera. The piece is also supported in part by an Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity Grant.

“This piece asks us to consider a new view of that which we cannot see with the naked eye, where images sent back from the outer reaches are not seen as scientific truth but as deeply connected to our collective curiosity,” per Heit’s project description. Thank you so much to the DIA for hosting this amazing project!

In 2016, Heit had a 2-part show of her films and animation work at Boise Art Museum. This year, she had a solo show at the Center for Contemporary Art & Culture at PNCA in Portland.

Check out an interview with Heit from 2016 here

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