July 24, 2017

Dawn of Man back at DLECTRICITY

We are so excited to welcome digital arts collective Dawn of Man back to Dlectricity this year!

Founded in 2008, Dawn of Man is a digital arts collective that uses new technology for storytelling. They create and direct works of new media, 3D projection mapping, cinema, video and audio art.

Some of their projects include “guerilla mapping,” using the walls of buildings and other public spaces to project messages. In 2011, the group was commissioned by MoMA to create a custom projection for MoMA’s garden wall during “The Party in the Garden.” In 2012, the group used NYC buildings as “a six-story canvas for a traveling work called ‘Space Monkey.'” We had the privilege of featuring a unique version of the project, “Space Monkey Detroit,” at Dlectricity 2012!

Most recently, the group’s “Projection Napping” took NYC by surprise in 2015, as they projected large-scale digital videos of people napping on the sides of buildings at random around the city. They also produced an installation for Art Basel in Miami in 2015, where they filled a pool with 250,000 ping pong balls and projected images onto the surface.

Dawn of Man will be presenting a new mobile installation, “Graffiti Grandma,” for Dlectricity 2017! The project will be informed by past project “Graffiti Girl.” Check out a teaser from “Graffiti Girl” here!