September 13, 2017

Sneak Peak: Philipp Artus at Detroit Homecoming and Dlectricity!

DLECTRICITY is pleased to bring “FLORA” by Berlin-based artist Philipp Artus to Detroit Homecoming and Dlectricity 2017!

Artus is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker who explores the manifestation of life through experimental animations, light installations and drawings. Much of Artus’ work is digitally generated, but remains based in the natural world.

“FLORA” is an interactive installation of animation generated by overlapping sine waves that travel through a string of lines. The viewer can control the animation with a touchpad, thus each viewer has a unique experience. Originally inspired by the motion of his cat’s tail, Artus’ simple system of lines can create an endless combination of abstract shapes. Check it out on his website here!

Artus’ piece will also be on display at the Detroit Institute of Arts in Kresge Court as part of Detroit Homecoming on September 14—a little preview of what is to come at Dlectricity! If you are coming to Homecoming but will not make it to Dlectricity, we are excited to give you a taste of the festival.

Thanks to the William Davidson Foundation and the Richard and Jane Manoogian Foundation for their support of this installation. Thanks to the Detroit Institute of Arts for hosting this project and to Detroit Homecoming for their partnership!

Artus won first prize at the Visual Music Awards in Frankfurt and his work has been shown at the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Check out a review of FLORA here, get to know Philipp Artus here