September 12, 2017

Bunnies Descend: Amanda Parer’s “Intrude”

Dlectricity showcases work in many media, sculpture included! Australian artist Amanda Parer is bringing her project “Intrude,” an installation comprised of five light-up, enormous nylon inflatable rabbits to be placed in the College for Creative Studies Josephine F. Ford Sculpture Garden.

The title of “Intrude” is a reference to Australia’s struggle with rabbits, introduced by white settlers in 1788 and overrunning many of the country’s native flora and fauna. “Intrude” plays on the collective memory of the furry, innocent white rabbit of fairy tales, while simultaneously scaling them up to enormous size to address “the elephant in the room” of their destructive environmental impact.

Last year, “Intrude” toured 5 cities in the US. Most recently, “Intrude” was shown in August at Singapore’s first ever civic district light festival. The rabbits were also exhibited at the Wave Festival in Breckenridge, CO earlier this month. If you happen to be down under, Parer’s “Fantastic Planet” will be presented at the Brisbane Festival in Australia, September 9-30.

Parer was the recipient of the Blake Art Prize in Sydney, the Tattersalls Art Prize in Brisbane, and the Glover Art Prize in Tasmania in 2014.

Parer’s bunnies have traveled to over 50 cities in 4 continents—we are so excited to add Detroit to that list.

Thank you so much to Zekelman Industries for their generous support of this project. Thank you so much to the College for Creative Studies for hosting this project!

Check out a video about the installation of “Intrude” here!