March 11, 2014

FAQ update – Your Questions Answered!

We’ve received some very interesting questions from potential Dlectricity applicants. Here’s what they asked, and our responses. Do you have a question about your project, how to apply, or anything else? Don’t hesitate to email us at! You can also review other FAQ here: Apply

Q: I am interested in applying for Dlectricity with an outdoor video projection. I live in outside of Detroit, so I can only propose by the maps and pictures on your web site. My question is, do I have to contact all the buildings in advance, before submitting? How do I know the buildings have not been approached by other artists already, meaning how do I know which ones are available? Does the project have to go through two approvals, the building and the curating committee?

A: You do not need permission in advance of applying. We ask that you name a few locations for your piece and, if your project is selected, we will aid in placing it with the local business owners. The venues listed on our site have participated in the past Dlectricity and we have good relationships with local businesses and institutions, many of whom are our partners. It is important to name more than one location, however, for various reasons ranging from our curated placement, to technical concerns.

Q: Our project uses pyrotechnics. We wish to know if this effect, used in compliance with site specific safety and regulatory requirements, is disallowed by Dlectricity, since the light produced is not electric, but pyrotechnic in nature.

A: Fire is not allowed in Dlectricity projects due to stringent regulations by the Fire Marshall and the unpredictable nature of live events with a large, public audience. Unfortunately there will be no exceptions to this rule. We suggest you try to replace fire with another form of light, if possible.

Q: Regarding the projector rental info you provided, is installation included?

A: Only the rental amount (ie: $1400 for the weekend) needs to come out of your $2500 budget. We will cover additional costs for tech setup, tents, generators, security and projectionist crew. In fact, the artists will not actually touch or move the projectors, we’ll have crew for that and will handle everything from pick up to drop off and in between. This way our event insurance covers the rented equipment. We will work with you on positioning, etc.

Q: Are travel expenses, transportation of equipment, accommodation and food included in the project fund of $2500?

A: Yes, all your travel expenses will need to come from the $2500 in project funding. Please note that you may use the additional $1000 honorarium towards your project budget, for a total of $3500.

If travel expenses will take a large part of your budget, we suggest you look for additional forms of funding. Perhaps there are local artists grants in your area that fund travel for exhibitions? Or maybe you know of a business that wants to sponsor your project? These are good things to look into before you apply, and if you can get additional funds please make note of that in your application. If your project is selected, we can provide letters of invitation needed for these types of grants, as well as sponsor recognition in print and web materials.

Q: I was wondering if the $1000 honorarium is for each artist or for each project proposal. I would like to propose a group project which includes 3 of us.

A: The $1000 honorarium is for each project, not each artist involved.

Q: I have a sculpture that uses special materials. Since the materials and fabrication are expensive, Dlectricity’s $2500 budget wouldn’t allow me to make a new one. Can I propose using an existing piece?

A: It is OK to apply with pre-existing work if the work has not been displayed in Detroit before.

Q: I would like to ask you how many days are the artists are given to install their project on site.

A: We will have two install days on the Wednesday and Thursday before the event, with project testing happening on Thursday evening. In certain instances where the location and/or project calls for extra time, we will work with the artist to make arrangements. If you feel your project will need extra install time, please make note of this in your application along with a brief explanation of your project’s install process.

Q: I wish to propose two different projects (a solo and/or a group project) for DLECTRICITY. Is that possible?

A: Due to the large amount of proposals our curators will have to review, our preference is for each applicant to apply with only one project. If you are able to talk about both proposals within one application, please do so. Otherwise, if you applying with a group another member will need to create a Slideroom account and create a new application. Slideroom accounts are free of charge, as is applying.

Q: Could DLECTRICITY write me a letter for visa purposes?

A: If your project is selected by our curators through the Open Call process, we will work with you to arrange necessary paperwork for your visa process.

Q: When will selected projects be announced?

A: We will announce selected projects by mid-May.

Q: Can I email my application to you?

A: We are only accepting applications through the Slideroom website. Please visit to apply.

Q: Is there power at all project locations?

A: We will supply power including generators at all locations throughout the event. This keeps those costs from taking up too much of the budget, and also helps with safety and efficiency.

Q: I’m a local musician/dj. I would love to be play a part in this years event. Are you looking for musicians/djs? Are there any artists who are looking for a musician to work with?

A: While we expect music to be a part of many projects, this is mainly a visual art event and open call applications will be largely selected based on their visual impact. We suggest you partner with a visual artist who may be looking for someone who can provide sound and music. We aren’t able to place you with any artists but Facebook may be a good place to start, otherwise try asking around at local galleries, art schools, museums, etc.