February 26, 2020

DLECTRICITY Site #10: The Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts is known to be one of the most culturally significant institutions in the Midwest. With over 65,000 works of art in its collection, the DIA is home to notable masterpieces such as Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry frescoes, and houses Vincent van Gogh’s Self Portrait—the first artwork by van Gogh to enter a U.S. collection. The DIA is also a strong community partner to all of the Metro Detroit area. In addition to supporting local contemporary artists, the museum has made it a priority to build an art collection that reflects the diversity of metro Detroit and has also embarked on educational endeavors that encourage visitors to engage with artworks, history and each other.

The DIA’s lawn is spacious and offers the perfect spot for DLECTRICITY to host “Electric Park”—a family and kid-friendly site for interactive installations on the North-West lawn. This DLECTRICITY feature is one of our most eventful, and the open green space, winding path and plethora of trees is very welcoming to fun projects. Among these, Arts & Scraps hosted a workshop that allowed DLECTRICITY visitors to explore how white light is made up of primary colors.

Across from Electric Park, on the South-West lawn of the museum, is the same topography to accommodate bold and experimental works. The museum’s building provides smooth, flat and light-colored surfaces at different parts for video projections and dazzling light shows. The perimeter of the building offers other wall surfaces and more. The back staircase was transformed into a theater by Apetechnology in 2017.

The museum sits as one of the first sites at the entrance of the DLECTRICITY footprint, and each festival year it is one of the most bustling. We thank the DIA for their contributions to past DLECTRICITYs and again for 2020!

DIA Woodward entrance
Tsz Yan Ng with Helen Kang and Justin Kollar, “SteroNegative (A Tribute to Tony Smith)” on the front lawn of the DIA, DLECTRICITY 2012
Apetechnology, “The Shadows of Stendrotron” at the foot of the DIA back staircase, DLECTRICITY 2017