September 19, 2017

DIY Tip for the Electricity Light Bike Parade

The Dlectricity Light Bike Parade returns to Midtown on Saturday September 23rd and is the official “Rolling Art Display” of the weekend event! It’s time to plan your bicycle light decorations and register to ride. There will be prizes for best decoration in the following categories:

  • Most Creative Adult Bike Light Display
  • Most Artistic Bike Light Display
  • Most Creative Youth Bike Display (under 12)
  • Most Unique Bicycle Helmet Decoration
  • Best Team Themed Bike Light Exhibit (between 4-6 bikes)
  • Most Original Family Bike Light Exhibit (Adult/Kids)

There are many options for decorating your bike with lights for the Dlectricity Light Bike Parade. The simplest is purchasing already constructed battery powered lights then securely attach them to your ride. There will be a limited number of light decorations onsite the night of the parade to help enhance your bike.

If you are a “Do It Yourself” creative type, you can convert any holiday light string to battery power. Here is a link to an article on how to convert lights to battery power for bike decorations:

Have fun decorating your bike and see you on September 23rd!

Click here to REGISTER for the Light Bike Parade.

Find additional information about the Dlectricity Light Bike Parade here: