June 2, 2012

Apply now in five simple steps!

The Open Call for Entries deadline is June 11 but don’t let that stop you from applying! It is not a complicated application and can be completed entirely online. You must read the Guidelines and FAQ, sign up for SlideRoom, then finish these five steps.

1. Choose a site-specific location chosen from a map available here on the site. Click on the dots to see images of the location. Visit online maps to see different angles, or try to visit the site in person.

2. Write a short proposal that includes your idea and a site-specific location. Use the first few sentences to really get your idea across in a way that’s easy to visualize. Then use the remaining paragraphs to describe your project and how you plan to execute your idea in detail.

3. Write a condensed bio or cv. It doesn’t have to be everything you’ve done, just what you’d like to highlight.

4. Estimate a budget. Try to get as close as possible to actual costs. Remember, you will need to submit receipts for the budget money you receive. If you have questions, email us at info@dlectricity.com

5. Upload four images, videos, and/or sound clips. Sketches of your idea are good, as are images of your previous work. Make sure the images convey your idea, and wow us!

After that, you’re done! So don’t delay, apply today!