2014 Exhibition

DLECTRICITY is Detroit’s nighttime festival of art + light that featured over 35 world-renowned and emerging artists whose cutting-edge works of art illuminated Midtown Detroit in 2014, from the Detroit Institute of Arts down to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. This two-night “Nuit Blanche” festival was scheduled for Friday, September 26 and Saturday, September 27 in Midtown Detroit from 7:00 p.m. to midnight. Saturday night also featured the DLECTRICITY Light Bike Parade where thousands of cyclists biked a 4-mile route through Midtown Detroit, adding extra light and energy to the streets. Weekend programming also included artist talks and performances. DLECTRICITY is produced by Midtown Detroit, Inc. and is free to the public.

Download the Guide

Download the Guide

CUbE x WORK feat. Paxahau

23. CUbE x WORK feat. Paxahau

CUbE x WORK feat. Paxahau is a viewer participation environment, designed to create light and motion, in non-traditional spaces. The objective is to inspire viewers to see their physical environment from a whole new perspective.

The CUbE is a 12’H x 12’W x 12’L box consisting of a steel sub-structure that is then covered with a two-way projection screen. The viewer’s images are captured using onbroad cameras and then manipulated using SimpleCV (open-source software developed by an Ann Arbor firm).

Four video projectors, housed inside the structure, cast a combination of the computer generated and pre-recorded images that pass from screen to screen. The programs we write in SimpleCV allow us to “binarize” the image and adjust the threshold, as the event light conditions require. Viewers will witness their own computer generated image interacting with the surrounding Midtown Detroit environment.

The sound for this installation is provided by Paxahau, the Detroit-based music and event group responsible for the Movement Festival.

Artist Credit

The WORK Collective is Mark Moffett, Tim Ide, Megan Bremer, Toby Grytafey and Joel Washing. It was formed following their collaboration titled “WORK” at the 2012 Dlectricity.

Mark Moffett

Mark Moffett

Mark Moffett is a multi-media installation artist currently working in Toledo, OH and Boulder, CO. His work has been exhibited throughout the US, including Detroit, Houston, Columbus, New York, as well as, Glasgow, Scotland. He was selected for a special exhibition titled “New Artists to Watch” at the Chicago International New Art Forms Exposition (SOFA). Known by many as “artcarmark”, Moffett balances his experiences as a classically trained studio artist, with an active roll in the world of street performance, parades and outsider art.

Tim Ide, Megan Bremer & Toby Grytafey

Tim Ide, Megan Bremer, and Toby Grytafey form the Toledo based TimeTo Productions. Their projects include, an interactive installation at the Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, the biennial Artomatic 419 in Toledo, an award winning educational video, and hundreds of music videos.

Joel Washing

Joel Washing is an artist working in metal and wood, as well as film and video production. He is the co-founder of the Toledo based Above the Shop Studios, (ATSS) who’s credits include, “Two Toledos”, a documentary highlighting artists living and working in Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain. ATSS currently produces a maker series on You Tube.

Additional project support is provided by Paul Malak of Busted Backstage Productions, Dylan Ide and a host of volunteers and contributors.

About Paxahau

Paxahau, now in its tenth year as producers of the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit, first established itself 16 years ago as an online resource to promote both Detroit and electronic music. Paxahau is a name synonymous with excellence and an industry reputation that is second to none. Paxahau is proud of their continued independently owned festival status and is recognized across the world by artists and industry executives as a premier production and promotions organization.