August 31, 2017

Screams, Unrestrained With Zeynep Dagli

Zeynep Dagli is coming to Detroit for Dlectricity 2017!

Her work “Negotiation between Madness & Sanity” takes into account the concept of a disconnect between internal and external struggles and traumatic experience.

The work is a collaborative project with the public. Dagli records people screaming without restraint in an attempt to explore the given right and therapeutic power of screaming. A basic human impulse, screaming both draws attention to the screamer and provokes the viewer.

In her practice, Dagli often collaborates with disabled artists and performers to create work. She completed her PhD in 2009 and has continued making short films for a wide variety of audiences.

This piece will be projected onto the façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD). Dlectricity will also host a Scream Tent on site at MOCAD for the public to participate in this cathartic process.

This work was previously shown in a solo exhibition at filmpro late in 2014. Thank you so much to filmpro and SAHA Association for their generous support of this project. Thanks to MOCAD for hosting this project.

Check out the project here.

Check out Dagli’s thesis here.

Check out Dagli’s blog here.