2017 Exhibition

DLECTRICITY™ took place during September 22 & 23, 2017, in Midtown Detroit and showcased 36 artists from Detroit and around the world from the DIA to MOCAD.

The Expanded Seussian Arkestra

17. The Expanded Seussian Arkestra

LOCATION:  The Rackham Building at Woodward and Farnsworth

The Expanded Seussian Arkestra is an interactive aural experience that embodies the distillation of the universal simplicity and whimsical nature of Dr. Seuss combined with the cosmic, evolving inclusivity and sonic expression of Sun Ra and The Arkestra.

The Expanded Seussian Arkestra is composed of interactive sculptures, each sculpture playing a key role in an aural ensemble. Part imagination, part melodic / rhythmic genius,The Expanded Seussian Arkestra creates an interactive visual and audio playscape, drawing in participants to interact with each of the larger than life musical instruments.

The Expanded Seussian Arkestra is sponsored by:

Artist Information

Jake Chidester & Alisyn Malek of Corktown Studios

Jake Chidester & Alisyn Malek of Corktown Studios

Founded by Jake Chidester and Alisyn Malek in 2011, Corktown Studios is an artist collective located in Detroit’s re-emerging North Corktown Neighborhood providing affordable studios for its members as well as exhibition space for area artists and the community.

Jake Chidester is a Detroit-based Architect, artist, and educator (‘Pretty good designer and builder of things’.) His work is rooted in a conversation between architectural gestures and painterly space, and the realm of contradictions resultant. Complemented by interactivity, hacked electronics, and a sensitivity towards constructivism, his body of work aims to provoke human-scale tactility while being compatible with the urban-scale context.

Alisyn Malek is a materiality expert, fiber artist, and globe traveler. She has worked as a sewing contractor and has recently been exploring creativity through quilt pattern design. She also explores the juxtaposition of current events - digging through newspapers to create images that
explore the intersection of events. Occasionally playful, usually social commentary, and sometimes just for the color- her work is generally smaller in scale forcing you approach and take time to inspect it before comprehending the content. She also works to help get other artists work out there through our efforts at Corktown Studios, and explores musical space as a saxophone player with Botanical Fortress.