2017 Exhibition

DLECTRICITY™ took place during September 22 & 23, 2017, in Midtown Detroit and showcased 36 artists from Detroit and around the world from the DIA to MOCAD.

Mobile Light-Graffiti

20. Mobile Light-Graffiti

LOCATION:  The Cathedral Church of St. Paul

Nikola Dicke has developed a unique technique of drawing with light for which she uses a soot-blackened glass on a special 7000 lumen overhead-projector. Dicke seemingly draws directly on the site, the wall, hill, tree, surface on which the drawing is projected, using the surface as her canvas. In this real-time process the viewer doesn’t only perceive an artwork but, by interacting with Dicke while draws, is part of its creation. Dicke’s light-drawing is performance, painting, sculpture all in one work.

Artist Information

Nikola Dicke

Nikola Dicke

Nikola Dicke uses the public realm as an open space for interventions. She shows existing places in a new light, changes the atmosphere and overwrites existing symbolism. She modifies visual relationships, existing imagery and experiences. In order to do this, the artist has developed her own vocabulary throughout the course of many projects, which enables her easily to weave together elements of drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and installation. Her site-specific focus usually also involves the social issues that come with the place. Her interventions leave room for communication, artistic participation and collective experience.  - Bettina Pelz, International light-art curator