2017 Exhibition

DLECTRICITY™ took place during September 22 & 23, 2017, in Midtown Detroit and showcased 36 artists from Detroit and around the world from the DIA to MOCAD.

If The Walls Had Eyes

28. If The Walls Had Eyes

LOCATION:  Detroit Artists Market

If The Walls Had Eyes visualizes and humanizes the multiple pairs of eyes that observe things we putting into the world on a daily basis. These eyes include not only the eyes we seek for our personal updates, but the digital eyes that are always watching, the ones we don’t necessarily think about as we publicly share more and more of our everyday lives online. Inspired by a dream, the interactive projection installation is a facade of human eyes that watch and follow you as you pass by.

Artist Information



Luxloop (Ivaylo Getov & Mandy Mandelstein) is a creative technology studio aiming to inspire play and discovery in our fellow humans as we explore new and near-future formats, mediating the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. Founded by filmmakers, Luxloop started with the goal of exploring ways that technology could push storytelling beyond the walls of a movie theatre. We use technology to enable people to engage publicly and communally, rather than receding into individual private spaces. We’re passionate about exploring the relationship between media and the spaces in which it is consumed, and how technology changes both the experiences and context in which story-based mediums can thrive.