September 8, 2014

Participate in MINEDintervention: DETROIT2014!

Re-envision Detroit using Minecraft!

Sign up to project your vision onto the wall of the DIA!

Build with us NOW on our custom Minecraft server. Visit the server address:

In MINEDintervention: DETROIT2014 old world materials and today’s technologies meet in a virtual space. Minecraft, the video game, is about breaking and placing blocks in a world of infinite building possibilities. In this project Detroit’s children re-imagine the city’s industrial architecture. The project playfully situates children as designers, exploiting game technology as a means for empowerment. By emphasizing the interconnectedness of space and people through large-scale projection, the game is inverted.

Virtual textured cubes made of substances such as wood, iron, diamond, or lava, will be projected onto the façade of the Detroit Institute of Arts, thus animating its surface. The fantastical structures, envisioned by Detroit’s youth, will construct and deconstruct the city into a choreographed vision of the future. We can imagine virtually deconstructing the side of DIA, projecting fountains of flowing lava, doorways to underground caves, or user controlled explosions.

Using the interactive and multi-player function of the game, children will be presenting live building performances and giving virtual public tours of their creations in real time!

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Artist Rebekah Blesing and her collaborators are currently creating custom texture pack and seeking music suggestions for the juke box. What materials should they build with? Do you know of local bands or music that best represent Detroit? Email your ideas or questions to