August 21, 2017

Luxloop Bringing Vision To The Walls

Luxloop is a collective focused on using technology to change the world, tell stories and create engaging experiences that evoke wonder.

Their work is interactive and playful, using digital technology to enhance reality rather than replace it. The project they are bringing to Dlectricity,”If The Walls Had Eyes,” is rooted in reality—it uses images of real human eyes and projects them using Microsoft Kinect technology that responds to human motion. The eyes of the installation follow the viewer, raising questions about privacy in the digital age.

Based in NYC and Los Angeles, Luxloop was named winner of the 2015 3M Art and Technology Award Competition for their project “Overheard,” a narrative app launched at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Standing near different pieces of art in the galleries while using the app sets off different audio content, with “overheard” snippets of conversation on topics ranging from the artwork itself, other nearby pieces or something unrelated entirely.

Luxloop is made up of the duo Ivaylo Getov and Mandy Mandelstein. They use technology to send a message through their work, but remain adamant about art that uses technology remaining art and not being overshadowed by the technology involved. Check out Ivaylo Getov’s thoughts on this here!

“If The Walls Had Eyes” will be located at the Detroit Artists Market (DAM). Thank you so much to DAM for hosting this project!