September 8, 2017

Jennifer Steinkamp at the Michigan Science Center

Jennifer Steinkamp is a critically acclaimed pioneer of incorporating computer technology into fine art. Although her works are digitally rendered, they remain lifelike and breathtaking, often playing with elements of time to represent cyclical occurrences in the world.

Steinkamp will bring a piece from her “Orbit” series to Dlectricity 2017, which she describes as “the depiction of the celestial mechanics of a planet spinning through its year.” In the digitally generated animation, trees and leaves are rustled and changes occur as all four seasons cycle during the course of the video.

Steinkamp’s works are site-specific projected installations that pull the architectural space into focus while blurring the line between real and illusionistic. Her installations have travelled all over the country, recently to the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio in 2016, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston in 2014 and 2012, and the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis in 2013.

At the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, “Jennifer Steinkamp: Madame Curie” just recently closed on August 27. The installation pays homage to Marie Curie’s passion for flowers.

She currently has a piece at the Portland Art Museum as part of the “Converge 45” contemporary art programming in Portland, on view now through September 17.

Steinkamp’s piece will be projected on the John R façade of the Michigan Science Center — thanks to them for hosting this beautiful installation. And thanks to Jennifer and Brian Hermelin for sponsoring “Orbit”–we could not produce this project without their support!

For a list of her on-going installations, see her website here.