August 17, 2017

Jeffry Chiplis, Neon Repoetry

Cleveland-based neon master Jeffry Chiplis is coming to Dlectricity!

Chiplis has been a fixture in the art world for decades. He has shown work at White Box Gallery in New York as well as at the Scope Art Fair. His use of neon as a primary material makes him stand out from his peers; he was featured in a solo spread in Art in America.

Through it all, he has remained loyal to Cleveland and to his use of repurposed neon. In an interview with, he jokes that he avidly “upcycled” before it was “trendy” to do so.

For Dlectricity, Chiplis is bringing an iteration of his “Neon Repoetry” series, recycling letters and shapes from neon signs to write original poems and create visual installations. Removing neon tubes from their original context allows them to take on new meaning. Chiplis welcomes open interpretation of his poems and his work.

In his spare time, Chiplis is a collector of carrot memorabilia and his collection of items numbers over 10,000. He is featured on the carrot museum website here.

Chiplis’ project will be located on the outer wall of the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art. Thank you so much to the N’Namdi Center for hosting this project!