September 27, 2014

How to Park at DLECTRICITY

DLECTRICITY is an exciting evening and we expect record-breaking crowds. This may lead to heavy traffic, congested streets and confusion about parking. To make the experience easier, we have a few recommendations for the best parking structures throughout the area, listed below. However, we strongly suggest visiting Wayne State University’s link, here, which features an interactive and highly detailed map for more parking options.

– Structure 1 on Palmer (at the corner of Cass)
– Structure 3 on Warren Ave. (at Woodward Ave. & John R)
– Structure 6 on Putnam (at Cass Ave. & Woodward Ave.)
– Structure 8 on Forest Ave. (at Cass Ave. & Woodward Ave.)
– The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Structure (on Parsons St.)

Parking will range from $7- $10, so please be prepared with cash and in some circumstances, credit card. As a reminder, there will be no parking along Woodward Avenue due to M1-Rail construction. For more information about this process, please refer to the M1-Rail website, found here.

We do have a map of the DLECTRICITY projects which also indicates parking structures, restroom locations, ATMs, and the Light Bike Parade Route. You may find it beneficial to park close to the Zone you would most like to explore or the project you would most like to see; you can find this map here.