August 14, 2017

FaShon Vega’s Star Tours: A Far Away Galaxy in Midtown

FaShon Vega is a Detroit-based artist with a passion for design. He is creative director of The Bottega Art Campus, a creative performance and installation space that serves as a community art center. He also founded “GLoW: Detroit,” a mission to bring permanent light, art and safety to the streets of Detroit neighborhoods and works as a designer for “BANKAi: Academy for Heart and Design,” helping businesses update their branding.

Vega is passionate about creating art and light in his community, making him a perfect match to bring light to Dlectricity. His project “Star Tours,” in collaboration with THREE13 ACTION DESIGN, is part live action performance, part cosplay and part strolling installation. Multiple light “Stunt Saber” battles between the light forces and the dark forces armed with light sabers will take place throughout the evening, culminating in an epic battle at the end of the night. Performers will interact with audience members when not performing.

His new youtube channel Hate by Design will uncover through vlogs and “weekly dives” the way design impacts our daily lives. Subscribe here and learn design hacks, tips and tricks.

Thank you so much to Wayne State University for hosting this project. The Star Tours performances will take place on the green space at Woodward and Warren and other locations around the Dlectricity footprint. Be sure to take a photo with a Star Tours performer if you see one!

Three groups have donated their space, time and expertise to bring DLECTRICITY’s audience the best show in the state: Phoenix Free Running Academy and THREE13 AD have pulled together the state’s best tracures (parckour and free running enthusiasts), martial artists and stuntmen to transform Midtown Detroit into a galaxy far far away. Thank you so much to everyone contributing to this mobile, energetic and light-filled installation!