August 8, 2017

Bluewater to Bring Music, Interactive Dance Floor to Midtown

We are so excited to welcome Bluewater Technologies as both a creator and a sponsor at Dlectricity 2017!

The visitor becomes the artist with Bluewater’s interactive, ever-changing display for Dlectricity 2017. “Luminaria Magna” is a massive 25’ by 25’ square lightbox structure connected to pressure pads on the dance floor, turntables and other interactive elements that each control a different characteristic of the light. Local DJs will perform as festival visitors dance and engage with “Luminaria Magna” to create a unique display of energy efficient LED light.

Bluewater’s impressive technology work is on display now as part of the Detroit Historical Museum’s “Detroit ‘67: Perspectives” exhibit. Along with two other local tech companies, Bluewater was commissioned by the Museum to use advanced video and projection tools to create an immersive experience for viewers. The company also supports local artists, commissioning Detroit-based Antonio “Shades” Agee to design interpretive graffiti murals for their office spaces.

As a company, Bluewater places emphasis on strategy, creativity and innovation. Bluewater creates live event and AV technology experiences for strong brands, working with agencies, producers, exhibit houses, architects and consultants. The company is committed to flawless execution, pushing boundaries and providing an experience beyond technology to their clients and partners.

Thank you so much to Bluewater for bringing energy, music and light to Midtown—be sure to take a spin on the dance floor! #BWMoves

“Luminaria Magna” will be located on the grounds of Wayne State University at Woodward and Warren. Thank you so much to WSU for hosting this project!

Check out their tech work at the Detroit Historical Museum.

Check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.